28 Months Later !!



The third installment of the zombie franchise is in The Works

I'm very happy because I'm a big fan of both first movie
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Liked the first one, wasn't too keen on the second but it was watchable at least because of the story.

Good news though about a 3rd actually going ahead, they've been planning it for years. I know these movies have a big following so it's good they're following up the story.

I'll be there at the cinema when that comes out! Love the first one, the second was ok. Because the scenes are in the UK it made me think more about what it might be like if we did have a mass disease.

I'm the opposite of most; liked the first and loved the second. Looking forward to the third.
28 Days Later was a masterpiece in my opinion and 28 Weeks Later a VERY good action movie. I highly appreciate both tho

I've been hoping for a 3rd installment. The first one grew on me, I wasn't the biggest fan at first but now I think it's great. While the 2nd one has a lot silly moments, it's still really good. I am looking forward to this next one, hopefully it's Danny Boyle that's directing, but probably not.