Happy birthday, Sarah f


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I hope you're with the family and enjoying it.
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She's out buying antiques with her mom right now, but she'll love that I didn't start this.

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Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!

The day was fun. Like my dad said, my mom and I went to Old Towne Orange and visited a few antique stores. I got some LPs and a super cool world clock from 1959 that still works and lights up and was really cheap and I'm very excited about it.

We also went to a Parisian cafe in Orange and had some delicious desserts. Then we went back home and watched a few episodes of Northern Exposure. A good friend of mine from USC came over and we had some cake and ice cream. Then he and I met up with a few more friends and went bowling. Before leaving the bowling alley, we played a very intense game of air hockey, then headed to a Japanese restaurant and ate and drank and talked and had a lot of fun! Overall, a really good birthday!
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