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any given sunday song?need help


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There is a song on the movie "Any Given Sunday" that i have been
wondering about. It is the only song playing during the winning
touchdown of the final game. It is kind of mellow and a girl is
singing. Her words are kind of blurred togathere but if you have
ANY information on that song, plz tell me becuz i am goin crazy!
Thankz 2 all u ppl! I LuV Ya!

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I haven't seen the film, but here's a link where you can go and listen to all of the songs from the movie:

If you find what you're looking for download it on Napster
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thanks for replying, but i tried the cd, and they did not put that song on the cd sound track, actually they left out alot of songs from the movie.

i even tried reading the credits off the movie, but my vcr cant display the fine print too clearly as it is in a small font and there are alot of song credits in the movie, its like a long music video....but thanks anyway im still looking