the thing 1982 and the thing 2011

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i gave myself a chance to watch the remake, well what a drag, the special effects were good, but my god let me start with what i saw:
1- beginning of the movie, no atmosphere, so cheesy, no art to the cinematography unlike the superb intro in the first one with that eriie music while the helicopter is chasing the dog.
2-direction is mediocre, camera angles etc.... man i stopped watching on the hour mark, that was it for me, cheesy effort really, there is no place here for this, only the classic 1982 stands on it's own in everything, atmosphere, direction, cinematography etc...

I found the effects were awful tbh.

It was all CGI and was rendered badly.

But yeah, The Thing (2011) was bad. It was a remake rather than a prequel. They even lifted dialogue and scenes from the original.
I reviewed it in my thread a while back.

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Wasn't it supposed to be a straight remake at first but then they changed it to a prequel (that just so happened to follow a lot of the same beats as the original)? In any case, definitely inferior to its predecessor in every regard and its existence also causes some plot holes for the original film. Oh, well.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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