Movie title in which soldier shoots own men. tries to prove innocence.


I`m looking for the movie title of a movie in which a soldier shoots his own men when cleaning out some kind of safe house in the middle east. First everybody thinks a group of soldiers was attacked or they ran in some kind of ambush. During the cleaning of the safe house, the soldier comes in some sort of stand-off with an enemy kid soldier. They do not shoot each other. If I remember right, the kid had a scar on his face and could therefore easily be recognized some time later.
After a while it becomes clear that the soldier that survived did shoot his own men down. The soldier wants to find this kid to prove his innocence because they did not shoot each other the soldier thinks that the kid owes him something.

In my opinion this was a recent movie. But I can`t just remember the Title anymore.
Does anybody know the title of this movie?