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What is everyone's view on this upcoming sequal. Im sure most of you hate the first one and couldn't give a **** about the sequal, but I think if Victor Salva can pull it off, it could be really good.

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I actually enjoyed the original. What was wrong with it? Does anyone know, {Holden} is Coppola producing again?
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Yeah, Coppola is one of the listed executive producers again.

I didn't bother seeing Jeepers Creepers in the theaters or even rent it on DVD, but I caught up with it on cable last month. I thought it started out decently enough, a good old-fashioned premise, but the movie totally and completely lost me when it went all-out supernatural. If it had turned out ot be just a really creepy and ambitious serial killer, it would have worked for me as some B-movie popcorn fun. As soon as he became an actual monster, like with wings and *****, the whole thing became just dull to me, I almost turned it off. They should have kept it more like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

I thought so, anyway. But then, I'm not much of a fan of the Horror genre to begin with, so I'm not the target audience. I guess enough people liked it for what it is, I don't know. I'd grade the first third of it a C+ and the rest of the movie a D-, for an overall grade of D. I had zero expectations and the thing still disappointed me, if only because of the strong beginning that started to suck me in a bit. Oh, well.

So no, I won't be seeing the sequel, even on cable TV at 3:00am someday.
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Yeah, I hear ya'.

As a horror fan, I can say that the movies which fill our genre are almost never truly awsome. For every "Ring" there are 5 "Feardotcom's". So it's nice to get one every once in a while with names like Coppola or Zemeckis in the Producer credits.

I didn't think they went over-the-top enough with the supernatural monster stuff as is, and it certainly wasn't done "seriously" to scare folks, like The Exorcist or The Ring or something. If the whole thing had been more like The Evil Dead, OK, I could go with it, some good, gorey, intentionlly campy fun. But the set-up was pretty straightforward yet interesting in genre terms. As soon as the shadowy rag man in the loud truck grew wings and started eating the cops, I zoned out. Didn't care.

Since the sequel has to start out with the knowledge of the flying bat demon (who probably still drives a truck for some reason), no thanks. On the other hand, a couple kids accidentally finding a serial killer on a sunny country road, that's fun. Or at least it could have been.

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I know what you're saying. Honestly, I felt the same way you did when the monster "grew" wings. I had a moment of dis-belief (a horror movie death sentence) when the "demon" unfurled them.

But, the young actors really played off of each other very well. Reminded me of "Children of the Corn"(another under rated horror movie that created a great atmosphere of dread, but buckled under it's own theme). And the ending to JC was unconventional as horror movie endings go, which was a creepy surprise.

I'd give it a solid C+.

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The first movie was scary. I gotta see this.
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you might want to change the wording of your poll to Jeepers Creepers (2001) not Jeepers Creepers the original.

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