One eyed killer 1980s film


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The movie was late 70s or early 80s.

The movie revolves around a killer and a detective. The detective will suspect the killer has only one eye. In one of the scenes the killer will take a cigar for smoke. The detective will offer lighter by glowing the flame to the side blind eye. The assasin unaware the lighter being offered near the side of his blind eye will give away his blindness to the detective..

The blind eye will have marble. If I am correct.

Not sure the name of the movie.

Remember vaguely chase in the roof top, train etc.,

Chilling moment is the offering of the lighter.

Any one help me with the name of the film. Obviously is decades old English film.


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bump. Hope some body gives me a clue. This may be a late 70's when films like towering inferno came. Thanks.

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It is called "Peur Sur la ville" in French and Fear over the city in English. 1975 film. Thanks to all of you. I recollected the title name by myself. Funny how the brain works. This film I saw in 1980s.