The Star Wars Curse


Ford broke his leg a few months back... then last week was involved in a plane crash... Carrie described Ford's injuries as "worse than they let on".

Fisher herself was involved in a minor car accident last week too on the same day as Ford's plane crash... it's the first car accident that Carrie has ever had.
Minutes later, she was driving again and the wheel came off her BMW causing her to crash again.
It was only that afternoon that she found out about Ford's accident.

We all know about the bad car crash that smashed Mark Hamill up in the early 80s too, which caused certain makeup jobs to be done to his Skywalker character in The Empire Strikes Back.
Carrie Fisher has gone on record saying she thinks the movies are cursed... and the curse is now raising its ugly head with the arrival of the new trilogy.
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That's interesting - if anything though I'd assume the plane crash was karma for "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"

I saw a guest checking out this thread earlier. It seems to be true. This new trilogy certainly seems rather cursed.