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Footloose: The Remake


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Along with Silver's news about a King Kong remake, come this item from E! Entertainment Television:

"Chicago" Producers Get "Footloose"

by Josh Grossberg
Mar 28, 2003, 1:50 PM PT

Ready to cut loose again?

Hot off their Best Picture Oscar win for Chicago, producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron have signed a deal with Paramount Pictures to transform 1984's Kevin Bacon vehicle, Footloose, into a full-blown big-screen musical, Daily Variety reports.

Of course, everyone knows the original Footloose is probably better remembered for its kickin' Kenny Loggins-driven megaselling soundtrack than its story about a teenage boy who challenges a conservative small town's ban on rock music and dancing by organizing a, yes, dance.

The Herbert Ross-helmed flick made Bacon a star and helped spur a series of music-fueled '80s hits that showed the importance of soundtracks as an ancillary marketing and money-making tool.

Footloose employed an innovative idea for its time--having screenwriter Dean Pitchford not only write the screenplay but also pen lyrics for the soundtrack, ensuring such tunes as Loggins' title cut, Denise Williams' hit "Let's Hear It for the Boy" and Bonnie Tyler's "Holding out for a Hero" went with the action unfolding on screen.

The new movie musical will take a similar approach, using those songs in addition to four new originals Pitchford has been commissioned to write. But unlike the 1984 film, which pretty much played as a straight drama, the characters in this version will sing and dance within the story, just like Chicago.

"We'll use the same premise but write a new script that will use new film techniques to make a dynamic musical," Zadan tells Variety. "We want to bring aboard as director of photography James Chessanthis, who worked on our Judy Garland movie [2001's Emmy-winning Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows] and has researched the latest cinematic technology. We'll find a young cast that sings and dances, and the original songs will have brand-new arrangements that will make them more appropriate for a contemporary audience."

No word on whether Bacon will be ready to kick off his Sunday shoes again.

The new movie will have nothing to do with the recent Broadway version of Footloose.

Meanwhile, following the success of Chicago, Zadan and Meron have a whole slew of musicals movies in the works.

The pair, who recently produced an ABC version of Broadway classic The Music Man with Matthew Broderick, are also joining forces again with Miramax mogul Harvey Weinstein for a new adaptation of Guys & Dolls. Weinstein, who championed and released Chicago, indicated that the new Guys & Dolls musical is his top priority for future Oscar glory.

It's not known whether Zadan and Meron have talked with Rob Marshall, Chicago's Oscar-nominated director who choreographed and directed the duo's 1999 TV production of Annie, about coming aboard either project.

Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge opened the door for the return of the movie musical at last year's Academy Awards when it scored the first Best Picture nomination for the genre in 22 years, but it was Chicago's win (the first since 1968's Oliver!) that really got Hollywood in a song-and-dance tizzy.
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i know you're supposed to be the one to ask why r66
but this time i think it's my turn...
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My life isn't written very well.
You know Shape, you took the word right out of my mouth.

{as a side note, nothing to do with Footloose, there is this banner flashing on this page that says, "Congratulations! Your unique banner ID number has won our contest. Click Here} You know, I'm so tempted to click it even though I know what will happen!

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nooooooo....don't remake Footloose...that was one of the only reasons for having lived through the 80's...daaaaamn

p.s....r66, you really need to get yourself AKiller
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O fall things to remake, why Footloose???
Mr M Rides Again

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Footloose was a fantastic movie although somewhat dated now. I can't help cringing when you see kevin bacon dance

Meanwhile, following the success of Chicago, Zadan and Meron have a whole slew of musicals movies in the works.
I was afraid of this...

Oh... and Footloose was... um... well... they don't need to do a remake...
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Originally posted by Her Violet Eye
Footloose was a fantastic movie although somewhat dated now. I can't help cringing when you see kevin bacon dance
.........are you seriousssssssssssssssssss......
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When I was in high school, i almost got to meet the cast from the Broadway version of Footloose. I decided not to go since the drama club was so stingy on money that they basically made you pay for your ticket, food, and bus fare.
I am not a BIG kevin bacon fan, but sometimes movies should be left alone (not be remade) and sometimes they should be remade...For example...I saw a remake of the Shinning. What was wrong with the first one? I think I am going to shut up now I don't want to turn this into a long reply.
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A novel adaptation.
Oh be still my heart, can this news be true?
Finally I can view all the glory of Footloose in a revamped production.

The only thing that could make this idea better is a remix of the song "Footloose", except this time put to rap music just like the kids like it.
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I'm new and I think this is the first thing I saw. Can I be among those saying :NOOOOOO: