DVD One:
-The film in fullscreen
- Three Roger Rabbit Shorts (Tummy Trouble, Rollercoaster Rabbit and Trail Mix-Up)
-“Who Made Roger Rabbit” Mini-Documentary
-“Trouble In Toontown” Set-Top DVD Game
-THX Optimizer
-Sneak Peeks

DVD Two:
-The fil in widescreen
- Audio Commentary With Director Robert Zemeckis, Frank Marshall, Jeffrey Price, Peter Seaman, Steve Starkey and Ken Ralston
- “Toontown Confidential” Trivia Track
-Deleted Scene
- “Before and After” Split-Screen Animation Comparison
- “Behind the Ears: The True Story of Roger Rabbit” Documentary
-“Toon Stand-Ins” Featurette
-“On Set! Benny the Cab” Featurette
-“The Valiant Files” Interactive Set-Top Gallery
- THX Optimizer
- Companion Booklet
- 2 Collectible Glossies
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