Fear Factory


Has anyone heard about Fear Factory getting back together?...I
heard that they are getting back together withou Dino and are looking for a new guitarist....anyone else heard this?
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grouse band

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lol, a band? I clicked on this because I thought he misspelled Fear Factor!

hehe...nah thats their real name...what about bands called Blooduster or beanflipper hmmmmmmm????

Does anyone like them here? Their box sets "Soundtrack of Apocalypse" are coming out soon and I'm still having trouble deciding which one to get!! Shall I get the version with the extra Live 2002 concert CD? Or shall I get the deluxe version for the Ammo box set, wall banner and replica backstage laminate?? It's such a tough decision to make!! Helllp!! Which one should I get??

I am having a nervous breakdance
I saw them live a long time ago on MTV Live and bought their new album at the time, "Demanufacture". It has a few good tracks on it but I thought they sounded better live and I never got into them. They were one of the first nu metal bands weren't they?
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They had temporarily escaped the factories, the warehouses, the slaughterhouses, the car washes - they'd be back in captivity the next day but
now they were out - they were wild with freedom. They weren't thinking about the slavery of poverty. Or the slavery of welfare and food stamps. The rest of us would be all right until the poor learned how to make atom bombs in their basements.

Fear Factory is my favorite metal band. I couldn't believe they broke up when they did because it seemed as though they were doing awesome. I hope they get back together, that would be so awesome.
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