Which version of Joan of Arc?


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Are there 3 different versions of The Passion of Joan of Arc?

1. 24 fps version
2. The Lo Duca version
3. 20 fps version

Can anyone help? Which is the best version to watch? I get that fps is frames per second so 24 will be faster but for the film itself, which one.
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I'd watch the Criterion version. In all likelihood they've presented the film closest to the way the director had originally wanted it shown.
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Go for the 20fps version of the film(this is the one people tell me to see over the 24fps one anyway). And I believe the Lo Duca one isn't the director's cut, unlike the other two versions. So you can also choose if you want to see the director's cut or the Lo Duca with different editing and score music(all three have different scores). 20fps and 24fps - the only differences really are the music score and the speed.

All the new restoration editions come with all three on anyway, so if you don't like the 20fps, you can always try the other two.

Which version did you enjoy most Nausicaš?
So far I've only seen the 20fps version in full, just gone through bits of the Lo Duca version.