Edward Herrmann, RIP


Just read on www.tv.com that veteran character actor Edward Herrmann passed away on New Year's Eve at age 71.

This is an actor who, though not really being a household name, became one of our most solid and most dependable character actors who consistently worked in the business for over 4 decades and rarely disappointed on the big screen or the little one.

He is probably most famous for playing FDR in the ABC mini-series Eleanor and Franklin and its sequel and even reprised the role in the 1982 film version of the Broadway musical Annie. He also played Goldie Hawn's slimy husband in Overboard and was also wonderful in the George Clooney comedy Intolerable Cruelty; however, this doesn't even come close to covering this actor's distinguished career, another of those actors with an instant recognizable face that not very many people knew by name. I guess this was the final Hollywood loss of 2014, so sad...RIP.

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
My daughter brought this to my attention the day before yesterday, and I'd just watched him in The Paper Chase that morning - TCM was showing a series of films commemorating people who died in 2014, and the late cinematographer Gordon Willis shot it. Sarah knew him from "The Gilmore Girls" which she grew up watching. Besides FDR on TV and John Huston's Annie, he played other real people, such as censor Joseph Breen whom Howard Hughes fought with in The Aviator, the jealous William Randolph Hearst in Bogdanovich's celebrity murder mystery The Cat's Meow and Nelson Rockefeller in Nixon. He also was in The Lost Boys, Intolerable Cruelty, Mr. Soffel, Big Business, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Reds, The Great Waldo Pepper, etc.

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