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Best straight to video movie???


Ignored by theaters and scorned by movie-goers but still these films find a cult following. What do you think are some of the best straight-to-video movies???

My top three:
1. Wishful Thinking: Drew Barrymore and Jon Stewart cuddle-fest. Warm fuzzies distributed generously.
2. Boondock Saints: Saw it with my brother, ate a lot of junk food. Perhaps my fond memories have more to do with the copious amounts of m&m's involved.
3. Just Can't Get Enough: The true story of the Chippendale murders. Fun, fluffy and featuring a male dancer called the unknown stripper with a paper bag covering his, um, package. Classic!

My question: anyone else have a few straight-to-video classics that they are proud to say they will stay up late nights to watch on Cinemax???


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what's cinemax???

movies that don't do well at US cinemas go straight to video in of my faves of late is impostor (but not too many people seemed to like it)...i love going through the b-grade movies, but haven't come accross anything great lately

oh, can't forget run lola run...and reservoir dogs was never played at the cinema here

ps...i do wish you would all make your posts relevant to the REST of the world...reading posts that pertain to US only really is annoying to read for everyone i said, what's cinemax?
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chopper, enough said................
i hate hugh grant

Happy wasnt released at the movies here in Australia and it would have to be one of the funniset movies I've ever seen
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I saw ROSE RED Recently. ON DVD. it has these weird fade out bits which lead me to believe it was a made for TV movie in America, but never got shown in australia. I thought it was pretty good for a 4 and a bit hour movie.
It also has Nancy Travis in it, which for some reason, I find her irresistable since I saw "Greedy" so many years ago.

Yeah, "Rose Red" was made-for-TV here in The States.
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