Great Expectations


Okay, I heard people talking about this movie in another post and I want to say I hated it. Lol!

Not 'cause it stunk or whatever 'cause the girl in the movie was so manipulative. I know girls like that and I hate them too. Lol! My friend (a girl) and I saw it together, she thought it was romantic and had a happy ending. I thought the guy was a sucker and she was using him again at the end. We couldn't have disagreed more. It was like we watched two different movies. Btw, when I said (a girl) up above I didn't say it in a disgusting bitter tone of voice. LOL!

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Originally posted by sunfrog
My friend (a girl) and I saw it together
AHHH! COOTIES!! just kidding

I didn't like it either, I thought it was dumb. I don't like the plot or the acting, and I hated the book.
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Yeah sunfrog, she sure was manipulative, and I think Gwynneth Paltrow played the role pretty well. In the book however, she's even more really emphasizes the point (more than the movie) that Pip falls in love with Estella who was trained since she was a child to break men's hearts...It's a beautiful novel I think, one of my favourites The movie is good, but not quite near the book!

Sorry OG, I knew you hated this book from other posts as well as FrappyDoo Maybe you were forced to read the book??
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