solaris 2002

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How do you find the movie i thought it was thought provoking all the way a mody piece of imaginitive film

I agree with all that. I really liked Solaris (2002)

The Solaris planet was done nicely, beautiful and mystic...almost heavenly. The planet and the music score gave the movie an enthrall quality.

George Clooney did an excellent job of playing the role realistically and with a somberness and sense of guilt. He's a fine actor.

I liked the actress who played his wife, Natascha McElhone as well.

The guy on the space station who was like a 'flaky dude'. Was way over the top, almost comical. His character took away from the movie.

I like the women scientist on the space station, she gave the movie some intensity and energy.

WARNING: "Spoiler" spoilers below
I disliked the ending. It would have been a cleaner ending with more emotional feel, if it ended like this: George Clooney boards the spacecraft for the return flight home. We see Solaris receding in space. Inside the spacecraft we see Clooney slowly approaching the port view hole window, he has a look of regret that shows on his face. He slowly falls to his knees and presses his face to the port hole window as Solaris recedes into the distance.