Apparently, the age will never stop Woody Allen from making films.
The latest one, released at the end of July 2014 in the USA, is called Magic in the Moonlight, a perfect title for the kind of atmosphere Woody usually likes to create.

This light comedy, set in the 1920's, is about a british magician (Colin Firth) invited on the French Riviera by an old friend (Simon McBurney), illusionist as well, to help him find out if the young Sophie Baker (Emma Stone) is an impostor or in the contrary a real medium, as she pretends to be.

The result is not a real surprise, that is a good Allen's one! The scenery, the colors, the outfits, .. There is nothing to criticize about the esthetic of the film. The atmosphere is simply perfect and you will quickly want to have lived during those magical years.
The plot could be found too superficial by some people but everyone who knows Woody Allen a little will go see it without expecting a story with a deep moral. Therefore, I don't think this is a problem, we all need a nice comedy to relax sometimes, the advantage of this one is that this isn't the usual stupid american comedy that we can count by dozen every year.

I found Emma Stone really great in this role, I'm a big fan of her anyway so I confess I can't be totally objective about that.
Regarding Colin Firth, I think it is a pity to always see him in the same kind of characters : a grumpy, misanthrope person with no expression on his face. At least in this role, he is a lot more theatrical, which makes his acting much more interesting and lively.

I recommend you see this movie on a rainy evening, this will cheer you up for sure and give you the impression that you are under the sun in the south of France! What could be better?
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