Citizen Kane Script Debate


I've always depended on the kindness of strangers
I guess it started with Pauline Kael's piece, and then Bogdanovic's "The Kane Mutiny"

Kael is probably the best critic, but her work was more like Hedda Hopper. She only contacted Mank's people, and used most of her piece from his secretary, which prompted Orson's secretary to dispute this, by asking, "Then what was I typing?"

We've heard from Mank's son, and now grandson, since he's a host at TCM.

What do you guys think?? From everything I've gathered, it sounds like Mank wrote the first draft, and Welles polished, added, deleted some stuff. They were given co-writing credits by the guild.

Well done. Welles really was like Kane in many ways. It was the perfect joining of film maker and subject.,..
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I've always depended on the kindness of strangers
Yeah, Welles childhood especially. His mom died when he was 8, then his father not too many years later. He also had a new legal guardian, but still went off to the UK as a minor, and got started by lying and saying he was from Broadway.. Gosh, I'd love to see those performances!

I know Mank knew the pet name for Hearst's mistress cootch, but it sounds like Welles (judging by interviews, etc) was the one who was yearning for an innocent time in his life, his youth.

Still amazing considering Welles was 26, and had already conquered theater and radio. But of course, America gets even with our great artists.

I constantly think, "What could have been" - and I've kinda boycotted a few films because Welles didn't have the final say, and I don't want a distortion.