A Nobody's Top 100 (:p)

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Night of the Hunter and Peeping Tom were both just ok for me, but I feel I owe them another viewing.

I really liked The Driver and haven't seen Macbeth.

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It's been a while, but I think I saw Seconds with Rock Hudson. As I recall, it was a pretty disturbing movie, but I don't remember much more about it. I've never had a desire to re-watch it.

However, Duel is a fantastic movie, and I gave you + rep for it. It's one of my favorite Spielberg movies. You can really see how brilliant he is when you watch it.

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Ooh, "Bad Lieutenant". Great choice.
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I've heard of Seconds somewhere before; it seems to be a very interesting movie.

I watched Once Upon A Time in America once, and I hated it. I love gangster movies, and De Niro and Woods, but I actually had disdain for that movie. I would still be open to trying it again.

Love Duel and Midnight Express.

Duel and Once Upon A Time In America are both great choices !
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Never heard of Seconds, but I just put it on my watch list. Duel has been a very popular film on here lately, but I still haven't seen it.

Big fan of Sergio Leone and Once Upon a Time in America. I thought Midnight Express was a good movie but nothing spectacular.

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I keep checking this thread, but I haven't seen most of the films you've posted so I saw little point in commenting on them.

I keep posting in Camo's thread because he keeps neglecting it. You don't seem to be in need of harassment to keep yours going.