footage of how a mean action actually saves someone


Hi everyone,

I am searching for a scene, which shows how person A is being stopped from achieving a goal with a prank or any other mean way like a sudden slap in the face by person B.
However it should be visible (at some point in the movie, ideally just after the mean action), that if person A would have continued, he (or she) could end up in a disater (injured/death).

Does someone of you know something that fits? Movie, TV-show, youtube video, whatever.

In any case thanks for your help in advance!


Hi Mr. Minio,
that's not exactly it, sorry. Still, it's pretty funny

I need more of something that shows an effort of a person to achieve something and being violently stopped from it for the persons own sake.

If you don't mind an old movie, then "The High and the Mighty" from 1954 fits your requirements quite well I believe.

A passenger plane is making an ocean crossing when it develops engine trouble and it becomes very doubtful if the pilot can make the airport in America. As the plane gets close to the airport, the pilot (Robert Stack) starts to panic and is convinced that his only course of action is to ditch the plane in the sea which would undoubtedly result in the plane being torn apart and many passengers being badly hurt or killed. His co-pilot (John Wayne) ends up having to slap the pilot around a few times to get him to come to his senses, be brave, and try for the airport. John Wayne is confident they can just scrape it in. As it turns out of course, he was right and the plane manages to land safely. The pilot was thus prevented from doing something stupid.