Not Scarface? What's this movie?


There's a specific scene I can remember but I have no clue what movie it's from. I thought it was Scarface all this time, but I JUST finished watching it a few minutes ago and the scene wasn't in the movie.

There's a guy illegally crossing the border (I'm assuming US - Mexico border) and I believe he has a load of drugs or money or something of the sort, and all of the US border guards are telling him to go back, they're trying to arrest/stop him, etc. A big shoot out happens, perhaps a car chase, and in the end I believe the guy either dies or gets caught.

The memory is very foggy as you can tell, but I can't believe it's not Scarface! Anyone have any ideas?

Edit: This is all happening in Mexico too I believe, he's trying to get into the US. I just remember it looking like a huge desert, with the patrol guards up in the fenced area(s). If that helps.

Hm, I just watched the trailer. I don't remember ever seeing that movie. It's definitely about what I just described though!

I kind of feel like the entire movie wasn't like that though. I remember it having a very Scarface/Godfather kind of feel to it, and then there was one last job at the end or maybe he went to go to Mexico to get revenge or escape the police or something like that, then on his way back he had to fight his way into the US and ended up being killed.

But who knows, that probably is it... Maybe I just saw the last ending scene when I was younger and for some reason assumed it was Scarface.

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BLOW 2001

it's a slight chance, but give it a try you never know
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BLOW 2001

it's a slight chance, but give it a try you never know
Exactly what I was about to post !! Very nice movie with a great soundtrack (H)
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