Sorry for my disappearance. My medications weren't acting right which put me in a horrible/suicidal state (which is never good for someone with manic depression, schizophrenic, ptsd, and anxiety.) Then I got poison ivy all over my body which was pure hell. But all is great now! My ex boyfriend, who will soon be my boyfriend again, are going on a mini vacation tomorrow in a party limo with his friends in Santa Barbara. So if anyone lives there and notices people on the beach having a party, come and see me! I'll probably be buzzed.

Don't know why I told you all this, but you guys/gals are my internet pals.

But I digress,
List a top ten of films you loved and bottom ten films you hated but critics love. Base it on Metacritic, or movie ratings. Any film that is below 59 is considered hated or disliked, if it's above 60% then that means it's liked or love. Obviously.

Have fun! I'll be posting mine in a bit.
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