Nostromo's Top 50 Cocktail Party

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i'm feelin' good. so grab a cold one and join me as we count down !
50 movies, around 5 a day

(Robert Clouse, 1973)

can't help but be drawn to Bruce Lee, he's just that good and charismatic. so unfortunate that this was his first and only big Hollywood production. He's had imitators and protégés, such as Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, & others. But nobody else is the Godfather of Martial Arts films like Bruce. Toss in John Saxon and Jim Kelly with this one, and you've got a classic. Our three main players gather on an exotic island for a tournament hosted by the master criminal Han. How often do you get to witness a legend at the top of his game? This is one of those rare times with Bruce Lee

'What is the highest technique you hope to achieve?'
"To have no technique'

(Ted Kotcheff ,1982)

John Rambo is a former Green Beret of the U.S. Special Forces in Vietnam. He's come to a small town in Oregon to meet one of his platoon buddies, only to find he passed on. the town sheriff (Brian Dennehy) runs into Rambo on the road and senses trouble. or, you could say, the sheriff feels threatened and intimidated. Egos clash and hell breaks loose. Rambo's commanding officer in 'Nam, Colonel Samuel Trautman shows up to try and redeem the situation for both the sheriff's department and his former comrade

#48. HEAT
(Michael Mann, 1995)

Career criminal meets streetwise cop as De Niro and Pacino face off on-screen for the first time. Michael Mann crafts a kinetic, dreamlike, & memorable Los Angeles crime thriller. Jon Voight, Val Kilmer, Ashley Judd, Natalie Portman, Tom Sizemore, & Danny Trejo join our two main stars. the scene with Pacino and De Niro at the diner together, as well as their ending, mesmerizes me every time

I have still never seen First Blood. Disappointing, I know.

I so want to make a Top 50 right now. In fact I decided about a month ago and I even have the list ready, and I was going to wait for Mingusings to finish his first so that people would not be confused. But it's obviously not meant to be

+rep for Heat

(James Whale, 1933)

This is my representative of the Universal horror classics of the 30's and 40's. i especially like Dracula, Frankenstein, & the Wolf Man. although i always identified with the Invisible Man most. while some of the acting is quite naturally dated, i am always delighted by how Claude Rains played the part of the mad scientist, how he just wanted to be left alone. to me, Claude Rains is one of the great actors of the early Hollywood 'talkie' days, and he carries this film on his shoulders. always enjoy the chance to lean back in my rocking chair and watch this early horror classic

(Sidney Lumet, 1973)

many may remember Al Pacino for his parts in Scarface, the Godfather, & others, yet this may be my favorite performance of his. Frank Serpico is a NYC cop, he's got very clear morals about what's right and what's wrong. yet the more he moves around from precinct to precinct, all he finds is more and more corrupt cops. but what really endears me to him is his unique personality. he'd be really boring if he was just a stiff who had honorable morals. i'd have given Pacino the Oscar for Best Actor in 1973 in a heartbeat for this one. when i think about Serpico in light of it's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the episode where Charlie thinks he's Frank Serpico, this movie just cracks me up altogether

The Invisible Man is too low man! That's my favorite Universal monster movie. I f*cking love it. As a kid who was into making his own little movies, it inspired me to wrap bandages around my head and film myself as the invisible man. The special effects are so much fun too.

I have still never seen First Blood. Disappointing, I know.
It's not disappointing. It's wrong. I demand you rectify that this weekend.

The first two are very close to my heart, hell, Dragon's in my top 10. Heat I'm much less of a fan of, but I do love to look at it.
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Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
Like James Whale (Ian McKellen) says in Gods and Monsters, if you watch one of his films, try The Invisible Man or Show Boat.
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Enter The Dragon and Heat are two very cool movies. First Blood I think decent, but don't love it like some. After that I have not seen any so far.

Enter the Dragon, Heat and First Blood were all in my top 30. I don't think I've seen Serpico. The Invisable Man is a classic, but didn't make my top 100.