The Walking Dead: Season 5


Season 5 debuts Sunday October 12th at 9 pm est, but heres the teaser trailer shown at Comic-Con. Gotta warn you though, I stopped watching the trailer halfway in. Very spoiler heavy...

CANNOT wait !!!

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15 minutes into the premiere, and two general things of note. 1. They changed the opening credits finally. It was out of necessity since all the people pictured before are now dead, and 2. Carol is not to be effed with

Sorry Harmonica.......I got to stay here.
Loving it, but last nights episode came dangerously close to putting Daryl on water skis!
I still like it, but It's a bummer when these shows become self-aware and the scenes become iconic T-shirt fodder rather than propelling a story. Don't lose me WD!

28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
Those guys are eating tainted meat....if you know what I mean.
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Suspect's Reviews

Those guys are eating tainted meat....if you know what I mean.
WARNING: "spoilers" spoilers below
So Bob was bitten yes? That's why he was crying outside. I thought so. Gonna be interesting!

Had the same thought as both TheUsualSuspect and christine. That had to be the reason Bob was crying and I hope the former Terminus jerks get "food poisoning" if you will, from what they ate.

Two weeks late in saying that Carol is definitely a kick ass soldier. The natural gas tank attack was one of the best moments of the series, ever. And the humans getting "prepared" over the drainage trough was one of the few moments in the series that ever made me wince. Mainly because it was human against human. So far, this season is dynamite. I hope they don't slow down and sit around discussing their feelings.
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Those guys are eating tainted meat....if you know what I mean.
I was guessing the same thing. Poor Bob, and I was just starting to like him.

That minister Gabriel reminds me too much of Jonathan Coachman.

While this still isn't a great show, I've got to say, the fifth season has done a much better job of focusing on the things it does well and avoiding the things it doesn't. Big improvement.

Yeah the 4th season really dragged, and this season is the exact opposite. So far its the best first 3 episodes of any season.

Wow, Rick & co. hacked and slashed and bludgeoned the Termites to itty bitty pieces! Glenn and Maggie looked fairly disturbed at their friends dealing with things that way. And they joined the D.C. bound bus. I was kind of like, "C'mon you guys! You've done stuff just as bad. Or at least seen it done without wincing." Oh, well, all for the story I guess. If you don't have conflict, you don't have drama, and if you don't have drama, you don't have a show.

As for who Daryl has in the shadows of the woods, I have no idea. Carol and Beth would just come out, and Morgan doesn't seem to be the sort of fellow who would be hesitant. Unless Daryl caught him without knowing who he is. As far as we know, only Rick, Carl, and Michonne know who Morgan is, unless they told their friends. Usually, they'll touch on that with dialogue and they haven't so far. So, I'm offense Bob.

No talk on last week's episode? I thought I would come in here and find myself way behind. Anyway, we at last have the answer to what happened to Beth. Dawn, the head cop, is a severely stressed-out bee-otch! I liked the friendship between Beth and Noah and the trip down the elevator shaft and through the basement was loads of fun. I liked the effect of Beth firing and only then would you see the walker getting obliterated. Given who escaped, I'm thinking that could be who Daryl is telling to come out of the woods. And Carol's appearance makes things very interesting. Maybe a slower episode than the first handful but still very worthy nonetheless.

Okay, another week and no comments. Hello out there!

A good episode. Not brilliant but good. Eugene is a bit of a perv, isn't he? And then Tara snuck a peek.

The big revelation concerning Eugene...I'll admit I was spoiled on that from awhile back. I think I read it online while skipping around. Shouldn't have done that.

The fire hose take-down was pretty awesome. Most of the walkers were so rotten, the force of the water took their heads off. Kudos to the writers for coming up with a unique way of killing them.

They are having flashbacks, to an extent, on this show but they don't dwell too long on them. Abraham's back-story was sad but revealing.

I was hoping they would address Maggie's apparent lack of concern for Beth, especially when Maggie started to tell Glenn, "I feel guilty..." I thought that at last she was going to confess her guilt about not worrying about Beth, but no, I guess we're not going to get that unless they're saving it in case they've decided to off Beth and want to give Maggie a big emotional breakdown. Who knows?

Good episode, nevertheless.