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Can someone please tell me the title of the Salvador Dali picture that was used as the `deathhead` picture on the movie picture moth covering Starlings mouth?
Its been doing my head in trying to find a proper picture to see what it looked like originally,

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Are you talking about the picture that is on the movie poster?
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Yeah its the image in the middle of the moths head, apparantly its taken from a Dali picture, and i wanted to see the original picture that Dali did.

Cheers for any help,


If you look at the picture of the death'shead moth on the cover of the movie box the skull is actually made up of naked women, it's a symbol of the antagonist's victims. The configuration of women's bodies is taken from the Salvador Dali work, "In Voluptate Mors."
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LOL Laurie, that's one hell of a quote! Straight from the War of the Roses, one of my fav. comedies!!

Oh yeah, sorry this didn't have anything to do with the previous post

LOL Thanks Zeph. I absolutely love that film. Classic from start to finish.