DVD Pre-orders


I haven't many DVD's on pre-order and one the main ones I want was put back by a few months and really want it come out soon.

Currently on pre-order I have:

A Long way Down - due 31st of July
The Double - due 7th of August
Tracks - due 21st of August

Do you have any on pre-order?
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Do you have any on pre-order?
The following I have on pre order at the moment, all blu-ray:

The Raid 2 - Steelbook edition
Enemy - Digibook edition(it's out tomorrow in America but I want the digibook edition so will have to wait until October for this edition)
This Is England - Steelbook edition
La Haine - Steelbook edition
The Deer Hunter - Steelbook edition
Under The Skin - Steelbook edition
300: Rise of an Empire - ordered from America as it's out tomorrow
Only Lovers Left Alive
Lego: The Movie
Beauty and the Beast(2014 version with Vincent Cassel)
August: Osage County

^ The above four are pre orders from France that are out at the end of this month.

Captain America: Winter Soldier - Steelbook edition(thinking of cancelling this and going for the American release once it's out).
Day of the Dead - Steelbook edition
Silent Hill - Steelbook/Futurepak edition