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Belle (2013) review

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Belle is the story of a woman caught running in two circles. She is accepeted into one of the most powerful families in 1700 England but is at once not allowed to dine with the family in certain circumstances because due to her being (and constantly reminded) a negro. And yet through it all and for most of the film she accepts it until the point where it really matters.

With a film like Belle it is hard for me to now want to talk about it a lot but do not wish to give the film away. It is wonderfully scripted and the locations are just stunning. The acting is as per usual when it is a period drama coming out of the UK just top notch.

The actors in this film were also wonderful, some of them I have not heard of but the ones I did know just prove how good actors can be:

Emily Watson,
Tom Wilkinson,
Miranda Richardson,
Penelope Wilton,
& Matthew Goode

I also think we can expect to see good things from Sarah Gadon & Gugu Mbatha-Raw who play the daughters in the film.

The most amazing thing about this film over all is that I watched it and I enjoyed it. Ten years ago I would have looked down my nose at a period drama piece and laughed at it thinking:

"bo**ocks, it's all silly girls stuff innit?!"

But this film and others has turned around this sort of thinking. I guess I am growing up as cinema viewer but this is a film I will want to see again and will want to talk to people about because it is stunning.
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I saw it; thought it was excellent. I often find myself on the outs with some film fans because I prefer a good, well written and acted story like Belle to the latest in high-FX comic book reboots, but I really do. This was an interesting story, well rendered.

I know what you mean Skiz, I saw this purely by chance because I was lucky enough to see it at my local cinema where I thought I would not be able to see it. With it being a large chain I just didn't think it would happen.

I am very glad you had the chance to see it and that you enjoyed it. It always makes me pleased to see others enjoying films of this nature.