Mad Max: Fury Road


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Think this movie has potential? I'm a big fan of the original Mad Max. (Road Warrior and Thundome were okay, but felt more like novelties - the original film may be dated but the characters and the plot were a lot better done).

I'm hoping this film ends up going back to its roots and focusing more on Max's character (as well as the villain's characters)- versus just end up being a showcase for a bunch of action scenes and tricked out vehicles, which is what I fear it's going to be.

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I hope this turns out to be awesome. I liked all the Mad Max films (yes, even Thunderdome), and it would be cool to have a new one. Thing is, unlike you, I want to see crazy tricked out cars and awesome stunts. I only wish that Mel Gibson were in this, but I think the new guy will do a good job.
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I love Thunderdome. I like the whole series, but I really like the sequels better than the original.

I'm excited for this because George Miller is directing and I like Tom Hardy. Personally I too hope it's filled with crazy cars and practical stunts. In an age of CGI humans it would be nice to see an old fashioned film with practical stunt work.