A Clockwork Orange Questionnaire


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To what extent do you feel it’s a shocking film in comparison to
today’s modern cinematic expectations?

• To what extent is there a sense of political and social
foreshadowing in today’s society?

• To what degree is the sexual violence in the film necessary for the
impact of the film or does it just appear exploitative?

• In what ways, if any, are the scenes of graphic violence a concern
to a supposed influential audience?

• To what extent was the moral panic that became associated with
the film justifiable and did the film ever deserve to be removed
from public exhibition?

It is no longer particularly shocking, in my opinion as it is easily comparable to newer films made for shock value. It's very well made though, which gives it advantage to some of these other films.

I'm not sure how to answer the question about political and social foreshadowing, but a Clockwork Orange could have some interpretations that include cops being crooked along with the government.

Sexual violence is very necessary in the film, it is based on the Anthony Burgess novel and without it, it wouldn't be the same movie, nor a fair rendition of the book. The film was meant to be controversial and shocking and without it, I say again, wouldn't be the same movie. It isn't exploitative, it's used for purpose, to be controversial but also to help spread the messages of the film. I must say though that the ending of this film is very different to the book. I think this angered Burgess.

Looking at the media effects debate and theories including the imitation theory, the debate says that audiences may imitate on screen violence or be inspired by it. The main concern for on-screen violence is the possible impact on the real world and real world violence. Research further into the media effects debate.

Personally, no I don't think that the film should have been removed from public exhibition. But many people at the time who weren't used to this type of film thought that it could have had a negative effect on society. Religion was a great aspect of this panic.

This is all I can say though. I don't know lots myself, but I do Media in college and I do love this film. Do some secondary research, there will be a lot on this film, and it should be enjoyable anyway.

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From what I remember wasn't the biggest outrage caused by the Doctor/Nurse scene where the guy wakes up from the coma.