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The Blair Witch Project isn't a traditional horror film. It doesn't rely on quick jump scares and it's the kind of film which will keep you thinking for a while.
The trailers and the start of the film sum up the plot very easily. Three film-makers venture into the woods of Maryland to track down a legend. That legend is the Blair Witch but of course they have their reasons and it's because they are making a documentary, however they disappear and their footage is found a year later.

The film starts with a lighter tone than expected, we see the three filmmakers record their preparations for their project and the background interviews that was going to be part of their documentary. They interviews are often funny, one of them includes a mother whose child gets scared by the story she is telling. However these interviews provide insight into the three main characters and how they don't take the legend very seriously. Furthermore these interviews also establish character traits which will become crucial later in the film.
Heather who is the projects leader shows a strong yet boarding on the foolish side of confidence in herself.
Then you have Mike who frequently expresses his concerns earlier than anyone else.
That then leaves Josh who is the operator of the 16mm camera through the majority of the film but viewers take note, I said majority. *

(The Film)
The Blair Witch Project is the kind of film that when on your first viewing, will certainly wreak havoc upon your mind. The use of darkness and sound in this film is done perfectly and always leaves a spine-tingling feeling, not once does the film ever resort to cheap tactics such as jump scares or a quick blast of scary esque music. Come to think of it, I believe this film actually does not even have a musical score of any kind. However the exclusion of this does not matter.
What we (as viewers) experience is the characters slow collapse into insanity, as each day goes by the three filmmakers come to the point that they eventually run out of food, suffer from sleep deprivation and then slowly believe that they will never be able to see their homes again and with this experience we see the largely-improvised acting to be spot on, but hey, this is just my opinion.
However I do challenge any viewer to inform me when they can tell anyone is acting because it's scenes such as when Heather (later in the film) videotapes an apology to her own parents and the parents of the other two that the performance is believable to the point that it is emotionally shattering. The way the camera is positioned to only show her eyes when she is speaking shows the eyes of a completely frightened human being and the way she speaks conveys her emotions in a very real way.
The film eventually escalates to the very chilling ending for which we are left with and for some odd reason, I completely love this ending. The ending for the Blair Witch Project is ambiguous and there are many theories floating around which all make sense to some degree. If you have seen this film then stick around to the end of the review to hear my top three main theories on what happened to the fateful three.

Overall The Blair Witch Project works as a great horror film, you can't just watch it, you have to experience it.
I would have to say no film has made me feel more scared and chilled after watching it.
So screw all the bad remakes, Resident Evil films and all that other crap because when this film is over, It will leave you with many questions in your head and a chill down your spine and with that note.... The Blair Witch Project earns itself a five out of five.

So, you've seen the film and you saw the ending and thought "what the hell happened" well, as mentioned before the ending is an ambiguous one, So it's open to suggestion on "Who did it". The majority of film-goers will state that it was just the all powerful and vengeful Blair Witch, but I have three theories on who could of done it if it wasn't the witch who directly caused all the trouble.

So we begin with theory number one.
Mary Brown did it, for those who have seen the film and remember near the beginning of the film, the three filmmakers spoke to a women who said she had previously encountered the Blair Witch when she was a child. So it is theorised that Mary Brown is the Blair Witch's Familiar (so a person under the control of a supernatural entity and is forced to do their bidding).

Theory number two, Josh did it.
If you was to follow the film closely, it is Josh who is the first one to hear the noises at night and one could suggest that the Blair Witch posses Josh due to him being the most susceptible to picking up things and throughout the rest of the film he then starts to pick fights with heather and etc.
After he then leaves the camp site he then begins to scream in order to draw in Heather and Mike as the witch/Josh would know that they will come looking for him and at the end it is him who hits heather in order for the camera to drop.

Lastly, Theory number three, Mike did it.
If you listen to the dialogue early on in the film, you will find out that Mike actually volunteered to come on the shoot so he is just a stranger to the other two and more often than not in horror films the new guy tends to be evil.
So it is believed by people that when mike says he will take "first watch" that's when he gets to work, furthermore Josh also joins Mike so it is said that Mike brings Josh to the house, takes him to the basement, tortures him and records his screaming and he can do this because he is the sound man after all and then kills him. After this he puts Josh's screaming on some speakers so it draws Heather in and then he kills her too.... but this theory seems a bit too farfetched to me.

And there you have it! The three main theories on who could of done it if it wasn't the Blair Witch.
However I still like to believe it was the doings of the Blair Witch, no ghost or serial killer just a powerful witch who doesn't need to rely on possessions to harm you.

I really enjoyed it, it's the first horror film which I have seen that actually made me think.
But hey, this is just my opinion on the film and this is the first review I have ever typed.
I suggest watching it so you in turn, can make your own opinion on the film

I haven't watched it but... well... I mean it has a reputation for being utterly horrible. You're saying it's good?
There is a humongous amount of anticipation and expectation for the film to throw a scare at you but it holds back till the end.

I love this film. Shows what a couple of people can do with a camera and a little creativity. Besides that, it's truly unnerving if watched in the correct atmosphere (dark, alone, preferably with headphones).

I really enjoyed it, it's the first horror film which I have seen that actually made me think.
Oh there are many horror films capable of appealing to the intellect. In general those are the only kind I like... takes some digging but they're out there.

This is news to me. I've never heard anyone say this film was anything but horrible before. Now there's two people saying it's good? I may actually have to watch it...

The first film has a reputation for being horrible? I know the second does, but the first was a breakout hit.

I found it very scary. But then, I saw it in the theater and was a good deal younger.

So some of you agree with my review then? I hope it is well written considering it is my first one.

The first film has a reputation for being horrible? I know the second does, but the first was a breakout hit.
It was? Why have I heard nothing but bad things about it? It's even widely ridiculed on TV and frequently parodied.

Hmm... I'm feeling very confused right now.

It was? Why have I heard nothing but bad things about it? It's even widely ridiculed on TV and frequently parodied.

Hmm... I'm feeling very confused right now.
It does not hurt to watch the film yourself to get your own view on it, don't listen to my review or others because for all you know. You could hate it or love it.
This review is just my opinion and I really enjoyed the film while on the other hand, you could watch it and end up hating it so who knows!

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What's confusing? The film has an 87% Fresh rating on this here review aggregation site, Rotten Tomatoes.

Now you have heard a bunch of good things about it, ya?
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"Hey Look it's Masterman"
Biggest pile of crap ever.
--I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing.

Absolutely; it was a tiny, tiny amateur film that broke into the mainstream, started the "found footage" craze, got great reviews, and made a quarter of a billion dollars on a five-figure budget.

Why have I heard nothing but bad things about it? It's even widely ridiculed on TV and frequently parodied.
I can't much speak to what you've heard about it--you'd have to elaborate as to what you've seen on TV, for example. But being the subject of parody doesn't seem to denote a lack of quality--just the opposite. It's the popular, successful things that usually get that treatment.

Biggest pile of crap ever.
Absolutely. We as film fans should always discourage the fresh approach and we should do our best to make certain that anyone not dare try to break the mold with independent projects.

Low budget, imaginative films like no one has ever made in the past should definitely be ostracized.

Well, I can definitely see why people would not appreciate it for lacking a million dollar budget polish.

Alright then your words have convinced me to watch it with an open mind and give it a fair chance.

It hasn't aged at all well. 15 years ago it was hugely innovative in its use of marketing to create this narrative surrounding it, completely separate from the film itself, but it's a victim of what it started. It's not scary in the slightest any more, IMO.

Watch Blair Witch. It's a proper Marmite movie for most people and if you were around at the time of release, the hype machine really went into overdrive. Scariest film ever made. People fainting, having panic attacks, etc at showings. I probably knew about as many people who liked it as hated it at the time, but everyone had an opinion. I really liked it, but then, I liked the sequel, too.
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