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Just wondering what everyone thinks of this, I am a fan of the movie Fargo so I am really curious to see this, or at least the first episode. Their is not much video I could find except a few 30 second or so teasers.


Though it received critical praise and many positive reviews, the Coen Brothers Inside Llewyn Davis has been practically shut out this awards season. Fortunately, the Coens have another project on the radar: FXís upcoming series Fargo, loosely based on the brothersí Academy Award-winning 1996 film of the same name.

FX has released the first teaser trailer for the show (above), giving us a quick glimpse at the icy drama that is to come.

Joel and Ethan Coen are executive producing the series with Warren Littlefield and Noah Hawley, who is also responsible for writing the series.The drama is set for a limited, 10-episode run, similar to FXís American Horror Story. The short commitment has allowed the show-runners to lure top-tier talent while still leaving the door open for a potential anthology treatment that would expand on the town with a new set of characters.

Billy Bob Thornton will play Lorne Malvo, ďa rootless, manipulative man who meets a small town insurance salesman and sets him on a path of destruction.ď Martin Freeman is Lester Nygaard, a character loosely inspired by Jerry Lundegaard, the character played by William H. Macy in the original film. Lester is ďhenpecked by his wife,Ē but his life is changed when Malvo comes to town.

Also in the cast is relative newcomer Allison Toleman as Deputy Molly Solverson, who seems to be filling the role based on Frances McDormandís Marge Gunderson. And finally, Adam Bernstein of Breaking Bad directed the first episode, an appropriate choice fitting the theme of a mismatched duo teaming up for a little corruption.
I am not a fan of Colin Hanks though, IMDB has him in only 1 episode so I'll have to wait and see about that.

Heckuva cast. I'll definitely give it a shot.
Martin Freeman. I'm in.
Looks very interesting and I'll definitely check it out with the Coens and Thornton involved.
Exactly my thoughts!

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Just finished watching the pilot last night. VERY HAPPY with how this starts out. They really set the bar high with the opener. VERY curious to see where it goes from here.

They're showing it in the UK here on Sunday, so not too far behind, so I might watch it UK time for now at least. Trailers and cast have me excited already, glad to hear you thought it was so good.

The first episode was really good. I look forward to seeing where the rest of the show goes. I'm just glad it really isn't that similar to the film.

I liked it for a while, but 90 minutes was too much. There were also too many fake accents done by people trying to sound like Minnesotans. My family came from that part of the world, and had that accent, but the actors made it too much of a caricature; it started to seem demeaning, like white people doing black accents. I'll try it again though, maybe they will tone it down a little. Those folks don't really start every sentence with Yaaah, like "Yaaah, you betcha, that poor feller shirr has a crushed skull".

Just watched the first ep... thoroughly bored tbh, not a patch on the atmosphere or photography of the film. This is why I don't watch TV very often.
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Bots gotta be bottin'

I thought the atmosphere and photography were almost identical to the film. Atmosphere especially, similar but so fresh and managed to surprise me and keep me entertained, so much stuff going on already, I don't know how you were bored

Formulaic and samey reconstruction of the film with, as far as I could tell, nothing really new to offer.

It's like having the 1998 Psycho again but in TV series form.

Unoriginal, unneeded, boring.

Martin Freeman. I'm in.
Hell yes!!!
It's like you're unraveling a big cable-knit sweater that someone keeps knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting...

I liked the re-imagining. Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton) was such a deliciously dark character taking delight in snitching on the hotel managers kid was very funny. At the end his stand off with that cop was very tense (did you read that is Tom Hanks' son Colin?) . I'm looking forward to seeing how it's going to pan out

Billy Bob Thornton is absolutely brilliant as the villain, perfect casting. And yeh, Colin Hanks was in Dexter where I wasn't really 100% convinced on him as an actor, but hopefully he can impress me in this role, great scene at the end