Original Movie Ideas? (YOUR IDEAS)


Okay. I've come up with a few movie ideas.*

Ecaps -

This script is pretty basic. But I've never known A zombie movie to be set in space (fully just about zombies) Ecaps is the spaceships name and also spells Space backwards. I didn't want the movie to be set around loads of brand new technology and just wanted to add A more present day look on it. The ship is a research centre and they are looking for a cure for diseases. A team of people are sent to the ship because they lost contact with them 2 weeks ago. Obviously on the ship they discover the*3.500 crew members on the ship have turnt into killing zombies. I also wanted to add Animal into this. It being a research ship. I wanted to have zombie animals. The idea is pretty basic but with some twists and turns it could be A good movie.*

Fear (Do Not Enter) -

This is another basic idea I had done but with kind of A twist. Bill & Gabby's daughter has been clean for 7 months. When Emily (daughter) is invited out for a few drinks and alittle gathering at a building site. Tiffany (Bitchy head cheerleader type) Ray (noobish jock type) Crey (only live once stoner) Michael (tall and musclely and thinks he's the hero) Freddy (local drug dealing thug) Mollie (sweet but naughty) and Christopher, who Crey only met 2 weeks ago and little unknown about him. (Obviously he is part of the killing spree with the teens but if it was actually to be flimed he wouldn't be so baited up as when the killings are all happening he is with everyone, the twist turns out to be the mother and father being protective and hiring Christopher to be bait for the teens. The parents think Emilys group of friends are bad news as they are the reason she was on drugs and drinking non stop, Emily nearly dieing. The parents want to do anything to not llet her get that way)

Nothing Really Matters -

*This by far is one of my favourite script ideas. The movie is kinda on the same thing as Valentines Day, New Years Eve and Love Actually and is about 6 civilians who all have a heart problem and are fighting over the same heart (not actually fighting) it shows how they all live with there lifes and how some of them connect with each other. The storys are about A mum who wants to find A good home for her children if she dies. A man in his 60s who knows he won't be awarded the heart because of his age and follows his dream if singing Jazz, a teacher who was arrested because a student said he touched them which be hadn't and falls in love with one of the judges who chooses who gets the heart. A army officer and a cake baker who has already been awarded with A new heart. The two fall in love but don't know there going to be choose over the same heart. Meaning both or one could die and a Indian millionaire man who falls in love with a woman who works at the church he wanted to find someone to love to give his money to someone who loved him for him and not his money.

*Tell me what you think? Please be nice!*Do you have movie script ideas?

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

I want to write a movie about a kid who gets pulled over while having an open container in his car. He gets pulled over and severely messed with by the cop and then eventually after a long court process is eventually assigned a suspended license fines and community service.
The kid who was once a good kid is furious and now hates every cop with a passion. The community service worker has the kid put name/address stickers on envelopes that are being sent to every occupant in the town. He eventually comes across the name of the officer who was very brutal in dealing with him.
He goes to his friend who is a comedian saying he found the guys address and was wondering if his friend would like to help him get revenge. His friend brushes aside all thoughts a normal person would have and says he wants to join in cause he thinks it will be funny and fun.
They kidnap the officer and take him out into the desert in a little crappy shack. The kid gets his revenge on the officer through torture and other methods like making the officer do the DUI field test etc...
little do they know they LAPD somehow had tracked him down and the 2 friends end up dying in a badass shootout

END - kinda based on a life experience up until the whole murder kidnapping thing