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I just saw Chicago last night and really liked this movie. I the music and the dancing were fabulous. When I first went, I wasn’t sure about the casting. I’m not a fan of Richard Gere...but I loved everyone...even Richard. He was perfect as the slick lawyer. I had read a review that praised Renée Zellweger, and she did deserve the praise, but I was really surprised with Catherine Zeta Jones. This woman can sing and dance with the best of them. She’s awesome. I was also surprised by Queen Latifah. I hadn't seen her in anything and only thought of her as a singer, but she was also wonderful.

I also liked how they integrated the numbers in with the story. I thought it was a well done movie.

this movie is gangsta. Queen Latifah's number is so awesome.
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Yes, it was. That first number with Catherine Zeta Jones dancing and Rene watching was incredible also.

I guess we're the only two that have seen it here.


At the Golden Globes Chicago won.......

• Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy

• Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy
Richard Gere

• Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy
Renee Zellweger

I really hope more people take notice and see this film. If only it ran in more theatres....

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I saw this the other night and absoloutly loved it. I had never knwn anything about it before i saw it so i was mega suprised with loads of the stuff in it. Great great film. would write more but too tired and thirsty.... However i will say Queen Latifah's breasts in this film are GIGANTIC!!! So if u dont like the film but like wholly mega UBER breasts then this is the film for you
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Hoping to catch it this weekend. I saw the original B'way show back in the 70s w/Rita Moreno and Gwen Verdon - All the Jazz still rings in my ears.
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Originally posted by blibblobblib
( However i will say Queen Latifah's breasts in this film are GIGANTIC!!! So if u dont like the film but like wholly mega UBER breasts then this is the film for you
Hmmmmm....but are they real....?????

Hmmmmm......but I suppose it doesn't matter if they are or
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Richard Gere's performance was awesome. I'm not a Gere fan by any means, but this is oscar calibar (well, would've been had Daniel-Day Lewis not been in Gangs this year, God that was great). The best part of that entire movie was the part where he tap dances on the law. Classic.
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i really enjoyed this film a lot.

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I saw this film again last night....and its still SMASHING. I LOVE it, its so fun! i danced all the way home....nearley got beaten up and hit by a bus..... but i still danced! thats what Chicago does to ya!

And yes Nikki, those UBER BOOBIES of Miss Latifah are still ginanemous....and i think theyre real, they hang quite low when shes in her grey prison suit....i was studying them...for critical purposes only of course.

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Originally posted by Beale the Rippe
Richard Gere's performance was awesome.

I thought he did a great job too.......though he looked like an idiot when he pulled his pants down

Originally posted by blibblobblib
i was studying them...for critical purposes only of course.
HAHAHA...........yeah right..........

I have been a theater buff for about 10 years now and I absolutely loved this movie, it definitely did justice(no pun intended ) to the Broadway classic. The casting was surprising, the choreography ad screenwriting were phenomenal, and best of all, I left the theatre wanting to break out into song and dance! After seeing it 3 times in the theater, it just keeps getting better and better! I bought the soundtrack and now know all of the numbers so I can sing along with them! I give major props to all of the stars--Renee Zelleweger as Roxie, Catherine Zeta Jones as Velma, Richard Gere as Billy, Queen Latifah as Mama Morton, and I can't forget John Reilly as Amos or Taye Diggs as the Emcee! The number for "We both Reached For the Gun" was probably my favorite, but I also loved "Cell Block Tango."

yay! Chicago fans! at that Oscars according to Me forum i thought i was the only one...

anyway, i've been a fan of the musical for a few years now, and when i heard they were making it into a movie i was like What? no! they'll ruin it! it's too theatrical! and when i heard the casting i was like NOOOOO!!!


oh my god!!! was i wrong! All performances are excellent, the movie is the highest calibre and i think its the front runner for Best Picture.

Not to mention, Rob Marshall won the DGA award for Best Director
Not to mention, CZJ won the Bafta for best supporting actress
Not to mention...

i think the Windy City will be up in lights come Oscar time!

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I saw it last night....I have to say I'm not a musicals fan, so I went to see it thinking I was going to get bored....but I LOVED it!!! the music, the dancing....and the acting.....I really think Renee deserved the Oscar, better than Nicole for The Hours... It's a great movie.....

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Dear Everyone,
Oh, this is one I actually did see. I liked it but . . . mayby not the best film of the whole year. Surely there will be something better come along Sometime pu-leez say there will be. More nourishment. More substance. Be-koz this was pretttttyyyyyyy thin stuff. Cute, but thin. (One instance when U can be too-too thin and not quite rich enough.)

Don't be mad at me tho. I do love you guys & we are each entitled to our own opinion.
Love& kisses

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I guess I'm the only one here who hated this film. The individual aspects of the movie were fabulous but I never really felt anything for the characters. They didn't give us enough time between the songs to really care about what happened to them.

Obviously Fosse intended this to be a broadway it makes sense that it is this way. But I think they really should've cut a few numbers and written in some real substance to make us care whether Roxie got off or not. Oh well, I guess sometimes you just got to be a rebel
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