Reservoir Dogs vs Pulp Fiction


Reservoir Dogs vs Pulp Fiction
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Reservoir Dogs
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Pulp Fiction
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If someone asked me to say which was better between the two films I really could not answer the question. At least not a very good answer. There are some elements of Dogs that are far superior to to Fiction in terms of how gritty and how real they are but the slickness of Fiction is just wonderful.

The two main relationships in the films for me at any rate are thus:

Mr Pink & Mr White
Vincent Vega & Jules Winnfield

Both have relationships but in different ways, they are none the less just as wonderful.

My example from Reservoir Dogs would be in the warehouse where there is a tussle between between Pink & White:

Mr. Pink: You wanna f**k with me? I'll show ya who you're fu***n' with!

Mr. White: You wanna shoot me, you little piece of s**t? Take a shot!

Mr. Pink: F**k you, White! I didn't create the situation, I'm just dealin' with it! You're acting like a first year fu***ng theif - I'm acting like a professional! If they get him, they can get you. They get you, they get closer to me, and that can't happen! And you, motherfu***r, are lookin' at me like it's MY fault. I didn't tell him my name. I didn't tell him where I was from. I didn't tell him what I knew better than NOT to tell him! F**k, fifteen minutes ago you almost told me your name! You, buddy, are stuck in a situation YOU created. So, if you wanna throw bad looks somewhere, throw 'em at a mirror!
When I first saw this scene I was simply blown away. For one thing I have never seen anything like this before I was still young (sixteen I believe) but also just the delivery of these lines were just fantastic, Buscemi had so much passion in him and as much of a weasel as you may think he is, he knew what he was there for.

My example from Pulp Fiction would be in the car talking about McDonalds:

This is possible one of the most discussed scenes because of the comment about what things in France are called in the "Royale with Cheese" but what I love about this is you can tell these two guys are friends, we don't really know much about them at this point so as far as we are concerned they could just be two friends shooting the breeze driving somewhere.

What for you however makes one over the the other? It is a tough call but I have to say Dogs.
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Pulp Fiction revolutionized the motion picture industry and set the standard for what movies should be like entering the 21st century.

Reservoir Dogs is the greatest debut by a writer/ director.

If I had to choose, it would have to be Pulp Fiction.
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I'd go with Pulp Fiction. Maybe because at first I didn't like it, but eventually loved it after the second time, while I liked Reservoir Dogs constantly after the first seance. Moreover, I think that Pulp Fiction is more complex and has better dialogue.
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I'm really not sure about this. In the past it would have been an easy win for Pulp Fiction. Now however I feel it's starting to flip a little. I feel that I'm going a bit cold on Pulp, but that Dogs is really growing on me. Will need to watch both of them again at some point this year perhaps.

Woah, a massive amount of win for Pulp already. One thing I am interested in is how people discovered Dogs? Did you watch it before Pulp Fiction or did you watch Pulp Fiction and then think "I wonder what else Tarrentino has done?"

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Pulp Fiction - it was one of those movies you find yourself telling even strangers to watch. I can't think of that many films since that have had such an impact. Great soundtrack and also one of the coolest movie posters to have on your wall ever!
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Pulp Fiction - it was one of those movies you find yourself telling even strangers to watch.
Really? I tell every stranger to watch Werckmeister Harmonies. Weird reactions.

Pulp Fiction is easily the superior film, though Reservoir Dogs is quite good.

I watched Pulp Fiction first and then reluctantly checked out Dogs later (after seeing and absolutely hating the Kill Bill movies) after reading so much praise for it here and elsewhere on the net.

Django Unchained is my favorite Tarantino film though, followed by Inglourious Basterds and Pulp Fiction.

Woah, a massive amount of win for Pulp already. One thing I am interested in is how people discovered Dogs? Did you watch it before Pulp Fiction or did you watch Pulp Fiction and then think "I wonder what else Tarrentino has done?"
I saw Reservoir Dogs first. I worked in a video shop when it came out and it became very popular with little publicity.

I always thought Dogs was the better film but re-watched them both in the last six months and Pulp Fiction is better in pretty much every way. Dogs is a very good film but Pulp is brilliant.

In my opinion, Reservoir Dogs is the superior film. Sure, Pulp Fiction was innovative in its structure (jumping about sporadically), but Reservoir Dogs was just a better movie, all around. I loved the character dynamics, the humor, the plot, etc. The beginning of the film where everyone is sitting around at the diner is an amazing scene!

They're both brilliant but Pulp Fiction takes the upper hand here in my opinion although the ear cutting scene in Reservoir Dogs is the most memorable out of the two films for me.

Maybe Pulp Fiction is the better movie and the most innovating one, but for my personnal non objective liking I prefer Reservoir Dogs
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I think it's quite obvious that from influental/objective side Pulp Fiction is better.But for me,excluding Jackie Brown and Django Unchained,whichever QT movie I rewatch,it becomes my favorite at that time.
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I haven't seen either in forever, but Dogs was my favourite. I saw Jackie Brown fairly recently and I'm not convinced I wouldn't put that above Pulp Fiction.

As for the order, I've seen the Tarantino films as they've been released.
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