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When I saw Dogma I had seen a few of Kevin Smiths films but I really didn't know a lot about him as a writer or indeed as a director. I knew he often wrote films that many found to be quite offensive but I also knew he made just as many films that were ground breaking.

Dogma is the story or two fallen Angels in Loki and Bartleby who are trying to get back into heaven. They see the world around them as a collective of people who God has given so much too but they do very little in return. They find out that there is a church that promises that whomever goes through the doors will be forgiven and will go to heaven. But if they manage to get into heaven it will bring down everything about religion because it will prove that God is in fact not infallible.

With a stunning cast, a great script and a wonderful story I did not find Dogma to be offensive. It is clear watching the film that Smith has done his research and knows what he is talking about. That he has looked at it from many angles to create a film that is both informative but also very entertaining. For me it is one of Smiths greatest and most original pieces and it is a film I will never get bored of.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."