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What horrors are this (class B)?


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Hi. I'm looking for titles of two old movies. Maybe You guys will help me.

First one possibly is from 90' or even 80', horror or thriller. It's about girl who doesn't feel emotions.
At the beginning she's kept as hostage by some lunatic and transmitted on tv. After this incident the doctor suggests her a therapy to make her feel emotions like every normal people.
After this therapy girl sees therrible things. In some scene she saw hers white persian cat completely ripped out, in other she saw aliens. Don't know does she see this things real or imaginary.
It could be some class B movie.

The second movie is horror too, possibly of class B from 90', 80' or even 70'. It's about the robot who kills people. No, it's not Terminator. Action is in some kind of laboratory, robot doesn't look like human, it's more electronic and robotic. I remember that this robot was covered by plastic tubes (something like veins), filled with liquid (possibly red). In one scene robot is dragging dead bleeding body (possibly scientist).

Some things described by me can be more or less precised.


Your second movie sounds a lot like Saturn 3 (1980). It stars Kirk Douglas, Farrah Fawcett and Harvey Keitel.

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Yes, thanks. I think that's it. Anyone for the first one?