Easy Rider


Hey, I've just watched Easy Rider yesterday, and I'm frankly quite disappointed.
Maybe there's something I missed, or did not understand...to me it's just a movie about two bikers looking to be free...in the last scene Bill (Denis Hoper) tells his buddy Wyatt (Peter Fonda) 'that's it man, we're free and rich ! ' and Wyatt answers "No man we blew it". I believe Wyatt says that because he thinks when you get rich by selling drugs as they did, you're never really free...

Anyone understands it another way ?

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
"We blew it" means their best chance at a free life was living simpler, similar to the rancher and his large family or the people at the commune. The movie has just as much meaning today as it did when it was made, but if you didn't live through those times, you could lose much of the context of what they were trying to rebel against - what they wanted to be free from.
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Thank you very much guyz

I remember that scene when they are hanging with a hippie brotherhood and there's people playing theater, and they say 'we're like actors as well, we're playing a role and we don't really know who we are' because they hope to find themselves in their trip for freedom.
Would you happen to remember more quotes about them looking for their true nature in the movie ?