The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)


The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) by Wes Anderson

Im really looking forward to the new film by Wes Anderson. The poster looks great and trailer should be around the corner. The film should be out march 7th.

Whoops the trailer is already here:

I'm not sure if this will be on the level of the wonderfully poetic Moonrise Kingdom, but it sure looks like it's going to be a lot of fun!

Looking forward to it.
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Every Wes Anderson movie looks like the most Wes Anderson movie ever.
Yeah, not cool at all.
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Is it safe to say that if I knew nothing about the film and just saw the poster and trailer that I would know it was Wes Anderson? How many directors are able to achieve that? Good or bad. A style so distinctive that you can call it the moment you see it.
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What's not cool; Wes Anderson movies, or me saying that?
My bad, too subtle. Wes Anderson movies: a steady decline. His schtick has gotten boring. They're not bad films, but I've seen it before. He's trying way too hard to be an auteur. If he was a super hero he'd be called The Recycler.

Most people think he's getting better, at least in the sense that Moonrise Kingdom might have been his best. I actually don't agree (I thought it was good but not his best), but that seems to be something like a consensus.

Anyway, I'm not tired of it at all, but I guess I can see how someone might be. I guess the "schtick" is intricate and coherent enough that it doesn't feel like one, to me.

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As super Wes Andersonish as this feels, it is definitely more in the mold of Fantastic Mr Fox and MK than his earlier stuff. I'm a fan for life and I have enjoyed his recent movies but nothing in them has moved me like his films used to. Rushmore - Tenenbaums - Zissou is an all-time run. Even though I'm not as crazy about the slightly different sensibility he's going for now, I'm also torn because with Darjeeling I felt he had begun to run out of creative steam. So maybe the way he's going overboard here is just a natural progression for him and either way I am looking forward to this more than pretty much anything else

I don't think it's fair to say he is trying too hard to be an auteur when by most prominent critics' gauges he established his auteur bona fides a long time ago

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Wes Anderson is a god. And you can definitely tell it's a Wes Anderson film from the poster even (not least because it says his name on it). Even Edward Norton is playing (basically) the same guy he did in Moonrise Kingdom!
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Great cast. Ordering the poster.

I'm confused about the aspect ratio in the trailer, will it change throughout the film?
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I love Anderson's movies and am looking forward to this one. I think he's the only filmmaker for whom I would use the word (unusual for me) "whimsical".

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Looking forward to this one immensely. From the looks of the trailer it could be awesome, like a film I could really fall in love with

When I saw this I thought this was linked to "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" but looking at this it looks like it has no links to it. I don't have a problem with that though, it has a powerhouse of a cast and I think this will be a must see for me.
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