Sleepy Hollow


Young Skywalker. Missed you, I have...
Has anyone else been watching this show?!

I am wrapping up a mini marathon of the first three episodes as I am typing this. I really enjoy it so far! It is a combination of creepy with the cop shows that I like. I think I am really going to dig it.
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Nope, thought the trailers and clips I watched were silly and nothing special and what I've seen of the female lead, don't like. If it comes onto any of the channels I've got then I'll take a look at the first episode but not expecting anything.

Young Skywalker. Missed you, I have...
Honestly I wasn't expecting much either so I skipped setting a DVR timer for it but I watched it online the other night because my satellite is taking a fit and couldn't stop watching it, I watched the first three episodes and had to stop because that's all that was online.

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The show seems to be a hit, yet I think the pilot had waaaay too many convenient elements that had me as an aspiring film/tv writer banging my head against the wall.

Nothing special when I followed up with the next episodes. Seems to be a monster of the week style show with the Headless Horseman as the seasonal arc villain from time to time.
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That sounds about what I'd expect. I still might check it out, though, if I've got the time and space in the schedule.
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tried the first episode and it wasn't enough to go from there. Glad to hear you've enjoyed it, though. It was a bit soap opera-ish and a little too cloying when it came to the characters and story writing for me.