Why did Anne Rice object to Tom Cruise in Interview w Vampire?


I find a quote where she says he's not what she had in mind and the quote where she later changed her mind, but I can't find why she initially didn't like Cruise for the role. Does anyone know?

She believed he didn't have the acting prowess and was only doing it because he wanted to be in a "creature feature".
The character Le-Stat has certain traits that she believed Tom Cruise was completely incapable of portraying.

After she saw his performance though, she liked it... but still stood by what she said about him making a mockery of her beloved character.

I understand that she had Rutger Hauer in mind when she designed Lestat. I suppose for her Cruise was just completely wrong in the role.
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I'm not old, you're just 12.
When i read the novel, I sort of pictured Lestat as David Bowie in his Thin White Duke phase. I would have loved to have seen THAT movie. I did enjoy the film that we got though, cause it was like a trashy novel come to life onscreen (which in a way, it was).
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Cruise won her over, but if I were her I woulda been horrified at first with Cruise being cast, and Pitt. Neither of them were perfect as both shouldve been talking with a french accent.

Tom Cruise as Lestat is a better fit than Keanu Reeves as John Constantine. Somebody shouldve been fired and blacklisted for that stupidly repulsive casting.

Did she ever say what specifically about Tom Cruise she thought was incompatible with the character, or what the character was supposed to have that she thought Tom couldn't do?

I found some more quotes where she was asked about it and she mentioned Jeremy Irons as an example of an actor who would have been good for the rule, then she said Brad could play the part and that it would be good if Cruise and he would just switch roles.

She mentioned Lestat should be athletic and something to the effect that he should be imposing, so I suppose she thought Tom was too small for the part. Does anyone know whether she was any more explicit and specific than that?