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I have a question: In the first candyman when Helen is talking to Bernadette and showing her the newspaper clipings of Cabri Green and she askes if she sees "it" what is she talking about? The building look totally different how does she know that it was her building built as a project housing community? I don't know if I'm just stupid but I don't get what she is talking about. Can someone help me?

I always took it as the general structure along with the skyline behind it, ie her comments about the view etc. She knew it was her building from the view that she saw out her window in relation to the view of the one in the picture.

My take...could be wrong.

You know, I love this movie, but I also never understood what the hell Helen was talking about. I've watched it numerous times. I wish it was possible for us to interact with movie characters. If I could just press a button, speak to them and say, "Uh, excuse me... could you explain that again? Cabrini Green... your apartment building... what?!"