I just saw "I Spit On Your Grave 2".

Definitely one of the most sick and twisted movies I saw.

Just the stuff they do to the girl is FUBAR.

I wouldn't be surprised this **** happened before.

If you don't know the story: The story is about a girl living in New York who is trying to get in to the world of modeling. She finds a number on a paper hanging out somewhere of a person who is taking photographs, she calls the number, gets an appointment and goes there with the idea of getting some pictures for her portfolio. At arriving the guys on first sight looking already kind a weird asking her to put on a sexy dress which eventually isn't sexy enough so they ask to show some nakedness which she refuses to do and leaves. One of the guys goes to her apartment to give her the pictures they already took but she wasn't to happy with it, when she goes to bed that evening she wakes up at night with one of the weirdos sitting in her bedroom taking pictures of her and the story begins.

From there on all you see is sick, twisted, mental ****.

Not really high performance acting but just the mental twisted **** happening in the movie is what kept me watching.

Check out the full review on my site.

It's worth a watch in my opinion.

Greets, Bjorn.