Favorite Non-Musical Scenes in Musical Films


Since I already did a thread about musical scenes in non-musical scenes, let's turn it around: What are your favorite non-musical moments in musical films? Here are some of mine:

Tevye rejecting daughter Chava after learning that she has married outside the Jewish faith in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF

Mary's initial job interview at the Banks home while Mr. Banks tries to figure out how she got the children's letter in MARY POPPINS

The initial war conference between the Jets and the Sharks at Doc's Candy Store in WEST SIDE STORY

The Von Trapp family hiding from the Nazi's in the Abbey in THE SOUND OF MUSIC

Jules Munshin miming the preparation of an imaginary salad for Judy Garland and Peter Lawford in EASTER PARADE

Eddie Murphy pulling out his "works" to do heroine after Jamie Foxx rejects his new song in DREAMGIRLS

Diana Ross coming home to find drug dealers have beaten up Piano Man Richard Pryor in LADY SINGS THE BLUES.

Judy Garland saying goodbye to her friends before returning to Kansas in THE WIZARD OF OZ

The producer of NY TO LA explaining to the cast about Joe Gideon having a heart attack in ALL THAT JAZZ

Liza Minnelli confessing to Michael York that she sold her fur coat to get an abortion in CABARET

Shirley Jones pretending to come on to the anvil salesman out to expose Harold Hill in THE MUSIC MAN

Shirley MacLaine begging John McMartin to marry her at the license bureau in SWEET CHARITY

The fight in the cab between Liza Minnelli and Robert DeNiro that causes her to go into labor prematurely in NEW YORK NEW YORK.

Every move that Jean Hagen makes in SINGIN IN THE RAIN

I was going through the AFI's list of great musicals the other day, and i saw Moulin Rouge and Chicago and The Red Shoes (1948) is not even in there. That made me lose my cool!

Haven't watched too many musicals recently. So cant really add to this thread! But it would have to be something from My Fair Lady!
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Liza Minnelli confessing to Michael York that she sold her fur coat to get an abortion in CABARET
That's a great scene. I'm also fond of the whole "Screw Maximillian" exchange, although the best line is surely "you're about as fatale as an after dinner mint!"

The Red Shoes is British, not American, so it doesn't qualify.
Aaah shucks!

I forgot about the screw Maximillian scene...that is a great scene. The look on Liza's face when Sally realizes Brian is sleeping with Max too is priceless.

Probably any of Oliver Reed's scenes in Oliver.
This is the only one i can find a clip of.

The final scene of West Side Story, carried out in silence.
You cannot have it both ways. A dancer who relies upon the doubtful comforts of human love can never be a great dancer. Never. (The Red Shoes, 1948)