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Per Quinlan's Character Stars:

Slightly built Hollywood Oriental actor, born in China but raised in America.

Keye Luke was born at Canton, China but was raised in Seattle, WA. Luke studied architecture at college and became a commercial artist and designer of movie posters with RKO which allowed him to start in some small roles. He also painted murals as well.

Mr. Luke played Lee Chan in all of the Warner Oland Chan films. He dropped out of the series after Oland died but joined with Chan # 3 Roland Winters in the last two Chan films made. These films were The Feathered Serpent and The Sky Dragon. Luke was actually four months older than Winters at the time.

A new generation of fans were created when he appeared as Master Po in the Kung Fu TV series. He also appeared as a guest on many prime time TV programs.

Some of Keye Luke's film roles other than Charlie Chan films were:

The Good Earth (1937) as The Elder Son

The Green Hornet (1040) as Kato

Phantom Of Chinatown (1940) as Jimmy Wong

Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant (1942) as Dr. Lee Wong How

Lost City Of The Jungle (1946-serial) as Tai Shan

Nobody's Perfect (1968) as Gondal-San

Gremlins (1984) as Mr. Wing

Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990) as Mr. Wing

Keye Luke passed away in January, 1991.


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Victor Sen Yung played Jimmy Chan , number 2 son as well as Tommy Chan, number 3 son, in the Chan films.

Mr. Sen Yung was born at San Francisco, CA in 1915.

He originally majored in animal husbandry at The College Of Agriculture ( University Of California).

His film career began in 1937 in an uncredited role in The Good Earth.

He played in 13 Charlie Chan films with Sidney Toler during the 30's and 40's as Jimmy Chan.

His billing was sometimes simply listed as Sen Yung.

Also, he played in five of the Roland Winter's Chan films but at that time was known as Tommy Chan.

Mr. Sen Yung guested on many prime time TV series but was best known for his role as Hop Sing the cook on Bonanza.

He was an accomplished chef and wrote the cookbook entitled "Great Wok Cookbook".

Some of Victor Sen Yung's films other than his Charlie Chan entries were:

A Yank On The Burma Road (1942) as Wing

Across The Pacific (1942) as Joe Tolsuiki

The Breaking Point (1950) as Mr. Sing

The Shanghai Story (1954) as Sun Lee

The Left Hand Of God (1955) as John Wong, Church Sexton

Flower Drum Song (1961) as Frankie Wing

Confessions Of An Opium Eater (1962) as Wing Yung

The Red Pony (1973-TV) as Mr. Sing

The Man With Bogart's Face (1980) as Mr. Wing

Victor Sen Yung passed away in 1980 due to accidental asphyxiation.


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Benson Fong played Tommy Chan, number three son.

Mr. Fong was born at Sacramento, CA in 1920.

He played the role of Tommy Chan in six of Sidney Toler's Monogram Chan films.

Fong was active on television for many year as a guest star. He also appeared in three episodes of the Kung Fu TV series.

Some of Benson Fong's film roles other than the Charlie Chan entries were:

Dragon Seed (1944) as a Student

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (1944) as Young Dr. Chung

The Keys Of The Kingdom (1944) as Joseph

China Sky (1945) as Chung

Peking Express (1951) as Wong

Dragonfly Squadron (1954) as Capt. Liehtse

Five Gates To Hell (1959) as Gung Sa

The Flower Drum Song (1961) as Wang Chi-Yang

Our Man Flint (1966) as Dr. Schneider

The Love Bug (1968) as Mr. Wu

Charley Varrick (1973) as Honest John

Oliver's Story (1978) as John Hsland

S O B (1961) as Chief

Mr. Fong was the owner of California's Ah Fong Restaurants

He is the father of popular Christian musician Preston "Oder" Fong of the Marnatha Music Group and actress Patricia Kwong.

Benson Fong Passed away in August of 1987.