The Bridge


Nope. I'm thinking of taking a look when it comes over here, but I wasn't too engrossed with the original.
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Liked the original series and have no interest in watching the American remake series. However, I'm looking forwards to the French/English remake series that has a far better lead actress in the role, think it's called The Tunnel.

Not a fan of Diane Kruger.

I loved the Danish/Swedish series. I was just curious if the US version was even remotely watchable...

Didn't watch the original, but I've been watching the remake. I really like it so far. I wouldn't say it's among the best shows on television, but it's probably in that second tier, which makes it more than worth the time.

I find the different floating strands a little muddled and hard to distinguish between, but I have a pretty good feeling that they're going to coalesce nicely. I'll definitely keep watching.

The performances are strong, too, though I think Kruger's character is written just a shade over-the-top. I like the character's personality, but the idea that she'd be quite as inept in basic social situations as she is beggars belief.