Princess Bride


I love THE PRINCESS BRIDE...I especially love the way the story is set-up as a grandfather (Peter Falk) telling a bedtime story to his grandson (Fred Savage). Robin Wright is lovely in the title role and Cary Ewes has never been better.

Loved that movie. Fairy tale movie done in a very good way.

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Watched "Princess Bride" at an outdoor park next to the Space Needle in Seattle on Saturday. Very cool.
that's pretty cool, especially because i just saw this article in my news feed today.

One of the best quotes ever?

This is a real 'comfort movie' for me. If I'm feeling a bit down, it's a great way to give myself a little boost.
I have suggested to people that they should see it. They usually answer 'The Princess Bride? sounds like a girly movie.'
When they ask why I'm smiling at their comment, I tell them that if they saw the movie they would understand.
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The title is definitely a girly one. But the movie has a lot going on in it to be a true girly flick! Great movie. Should be on the must watch list of every guy and girl.
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