Movie with yellow(?) Corvette


Hey again everybody, I've got another movie I'm trying to find.

It was released I think sometime during the 1980's, perhaps early to mid 80's. It was a comedy if I remember rightly. The only thing that stuck out was a yellow Chevrolet Corvette. This particular model was a C2, the one built between 1963 and 1967. Here's a reference picture:

And if I remember correctly it was a convertible. I'm pretty sure it was yellow, though it's been so long since I saw the movie that I could be wrong. I've scoured through the Internet Movie Car Database to no avail, and a search on IMDb also turned up nothing. Any ideas guys?
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Ah yes, it's not that one though. Thanks anyway cricket.

There's a whole bunch of films mentioned in here... not sure of the film myself but may be worth a look if it jogs the memory.
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Sorry, that's not the one. Thanks anyway teeter.