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I want to watch The Gold Rush (1925) by Charlie Chaplin, but I just notice that my DVD is with narration and is 69 minutes long (a 1942 remake kind of thing by Chaplin himself).

What version should I watch from this film to get the best experience? What is considered the official one?

I LOVED Modern Times and City Lights, so I won't mind if the film is worse.

There is a 72 minute version (narration), a 69 minute version (narration), an 86 minute version (silent I guess) and a 95 minute version.

This is very confusing. Why are the running times so different?

Mark F, I think I need your advice on this one.

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I didn't know there were narrated versions. The version I watched was the 95 minute version, I guess. I watched it on YouTube. I think three or four people have it uploaded there.

I'm curious about your question as well. I recently watched it and wasn't a Chaplin fan before, but it completely changed my mind about him. I gave it an A- on first viewing, but now I think I'd take that minus away. I want to watch the other versions if there is something to be gained by doing so.

Personally, I think The Gold Rush is his better than both Modern Times and City Lights by quite a bit. I absolutely love the film.

There is also a whole new soundtrack in the newer version, composed by Chaplin himself, and it got 2 oscar nominations in 1942.

This is a huge dilemma.

I just wonder which one is considered the best and most important version.

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My DVD has the 69 and the 96 minute versions. I prefer the original (96 m.). Chaplin took out the intertitles and added music and sound effects for the 1942 reissue to appeal to a newer audience. It's good too but nothing like the original experience.
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