Boondock Saints: what is the name of the song on the closing credits? Anyone?


I saw this movie and I loved it. I loved it so much I bought it. I bought the band's new album. The thing is the song I really want to get is the song that is played on the closing credits. Nobody on Napster seems to have it. And I cant seem to find any fan sights for the movie that could direct me to the song. Any help would be most appreciative.

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The song is called Danny Boy.
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That might not help gunnersman all that much, as I believe there are several renditions of Danny Boy, seeing as how it's a very famous song.

from thte info I got off the message board over @ the Boondock Saints site.... it is

"Danny Boy"
Composed by Ronin Hardiman
Jim Long Music Publishing (ASCAP)

as OG said w/alittle more info.
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