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Okay, THIS looks amazing. Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Summer Glau (Firefly), Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Steve Zahn (Saving Silverman), W. Earl Brown (Deadwood), Ryan Kwanten (True Blood)... and others!

Anyone know anything more about this?

This seems to have been delayed forever and still no news

The Adventure Starts Here!
I know... and that makes me sad. It looks like such a fun idea. Keeping my eyes peeled, though...

Apparently a producer has stolen and recut the film much to the disappointment of investors who believed in Joe Lynch. I can't find it now but a whistler blower made a website featuring emails and stuff from the production and the lies being spread about the title.

Whilst loads of fans are waiting for this film, it seems one greedy producer wants to ensure that Joe Lynch's creation never sees the light of day

It makes me sad, Wrong Turn 2 was awesome and John Landis actually got Joe the gig on badassdom!

The Adventure Starts Here!
This news makes me sad again. So much about this looks like so much fun. Thanks for the update -- even if it wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear.

I'm not going to defend the action, if indeed it's being represented correctly...but I don't think the word "stolen" applies if the guy in question literally paid for the whole thing.

Anyway, I'll wait to hear more before passing judgment.

The website that had all the information has vanished from the web, it held documents and correspondance.

If i remember rightly, Joe's version was 90 minutes and the producer cut it down to 70 minutes. It has had a screening to buyers earlier this year but after the whistleblower site went live most fans were all over it...

The Adventure Starts Here!
By accident I found out that this movie is coming out THIS week... like, today.

Unsure if I'll find it in a theater around me, but I'm going to start looking!

Wow... This looks very funny. I like just about everyone in this movie.
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I found the film to be a disapointment after having read about it and being excited to watch it, which is a shame because i like just about every actor in the movie.

The film seems to not know if it wants to be a comedy/fantasy/spoof/slasher/horror
and what we get is a blended genre that doesn't go down easy

Peter Dinklage is great in it however and there are scenes that are good/funny but overall a pretty big disapointment with a great cast/idea probably hampered by direction and writing.

The Adventure Starts Here!
This is disappointing news from people who saw it. When I tried to find it here and saw that it was using a sort of Kickstarter method for getting it into any theater near us here in Pittsburgh, I knew that couldn't mean good things for the movie. Still haven't seen it, have no clue if it ever hit its target goal and played here or not.

This is definitely a DVD/On Demand viewing for me... sometime in 2015, at the rate things are going.

That looks terrible. I know we all have different tastes, blah, blah, blah, but really? This?
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Free bump as I'm currently watching this on Prime. I guess I've mastered my level 27 necromancer summoning skills with this cast!!

Definitely straight to DVD quality. It's pretty B level stock IMO but it gets better the longer it goes. I expected a mix of Black Sheep (2006) and maybe Community. Not campy enough humor to justify the low budget look but not horror enough to fall into that genre either. More of a Strange Wilderness level than Saving Silverman.

Still fun to watch with low expectations.

Edit: I'm watching a scene now that looks great btw. Just it's not consistent throughout. Still good fun if you're.... game.

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

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I loved this film when I saw it, I’m due a rewatch for sure
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